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Finding the Right Start for You

Below are our different memberships offered at Trade Central. 

We encourage everyone to start with the Club Membership to get a feel for things before diving in to any paid memberships. Some of you may find that trading just isn't for you and we wouldn't want to see anyone throw money at something they don't love! Besides, we are built on providing free value!

As you progress as a trader and want to gain access to some of the clubs more exclusive features such as access to the trade floor 24/7, then we most defiantly encourage looking at upgrading to a paid club membership. 

  • Best Value

    Club Member

    Every month
    First steps at Trade Central, Perfect for Beginners.
    • Weekly Live Trainings
    • TC Trader Discord Chat
    • TC Forum
    • TC Trader Documents
    • Live Training Recordings
    • 10% off TC Store
    • 1 on 1 Support
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